Brad Bailey

Brad Bailey

Brad Bailey is a guitarist, songwriter, and random noise generator from Las Vegas, NV. Originally from the Midwestern United States, his music is a rootsy, raw, soulful fusion of Americana, with echoes of folk and rock.

The new album, Earthbound, is available now on iTunes and CDBaby, with other digital retailers and actual physical CDs soon to follow. Recorded live on location near Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, Earthbound is completely improvised, real, and in the moment. Brad hit the record button, and started playing his guitar; this album is what happened. Inspired by nature and the rustic environment, Earthbound resonates with authenticity and grit for a world that is overwhelmed with concrete and plastic.

Raised on classic rock, country, alternative, and early 80s metal, Brad Bailey studied classical guitar at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Seeking new challenges, he joined the United States Army as a Guitar Player, where he traveled the world, including two deployments to Iraq in service of Operation Iraqi Freedom, performing for the line unit soldiers who were out on patrol on the front lines.

Upon his discharge from the Army, Brad returned to his adopted hometown, Las Vegas, NV, and is involved in the local music scene. He is active composing and playing guitar, and is already working on the next album. He has also written articles for music and guitar publications, and has a book on the horizon.

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