Brad Bailey

Leaving Springfield

My new band! I play bass. Come check us out!



Jenna Brooks

Jenna Brooks is the author of the novel October Snow. Last year, she saw a link to my album, Earthbound, on Twitter, and checked it out. She ended up listening to it throughout the creation of October Snow, and it was key to writing some aspects of the main character.



The All-Togethers

The All-Togethers are one of my favorite bands here in Las Vegas. The have a great sound and style, bringing to mind the roaring 20's.



Nevermore Productions 

Promoter of concerts and events. They really get my vision of what I'm trying to do with my music. Who else could get me to play five songs from the Rocky Horror Picture Show at a gig?



Darren Hurst

A phenomenal guitarist and producer.



Glenn Bell

Jazz guitarist extraordinaire.



Cameron Grant. The High Points Gallery

Amazing photography. Just unbelievable. It will make your brain happy.