Brad Bailey

Hi. I'm Brad. I play guitar. I write and improvise music, and then play it in front of people. I generate noises, randomly.

My new CD, Connection, will be out this spring. This is the next step in my journey. My raw, in-the-moment music is growing in some different directions, and they all will be here. The presale is happening now, so you can be a part of helping me create this project. I'm beyond excited for you to hear what I've been doing. 

Connection. Originally, it was almost a joke. I've been experimenting with more electric soundscapes, an outgrowth of the completely unplugged, nature surrounded Earthbound. But then I saw a thread throughout all the pieces I've been playing lately, acoustic and electric, instrumental and vocal. They all were born from relationships. Some alive, some broken. Connections.

I make music in the hope that you'll hear it and it will make your day a little better. I know you will hear something in there that connects.

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